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About Us

Like many good start ups, it happened in a college dorm room.  Tired of using high sugar mixers or ones that didn't taste great with alcohol.  So we set out too create a convenient, zero calorie, extremely tasty mixer alternative.  We've spent over a year formulating this product with a food chemist, and then spent months finding the perfect manufacturer to ensure the highest quality.  


The Mixed Drink is perfect to bring to your next pre-game, party, or just to have for a casual drink.  It's fun to make, super easy, and most importantly hides the taste of liquor so you can have a drink you truly enjoy.  We also talked to our doctor friends and developed a formula that has electrolytes and antioxidants that helps you wake up less hungover.  Check out our formula page to see what great things we added to our product. 


We hope you love our product and make yourself a great Mixed drink. 


Contact info:

Located: West End Ave, New York, NY